Episode 136: The More Things Change - Well, 'tis truly a monumental moment in time! I have just read how Origin has made changes that will get rid of those ridiculous "Vendor buy the guards a bank and then recsu recdu me to my destination before I ban thee" strings that clutter up your screen every time you visit a vendor or the bank. Anyone who hasn't seen my feelings on the subject should have a look at the Britannia Enquirer, Vol. 1, No. 14. (You can get there from the main site menu). Anyway, I felt that seeing as I tend to bash OSI from time to time about things, as far as this issue is concerned they appear to have listened, and I thought that kinda deserved a special 'toon. Now I am not claiming that I was the reason for the change, but if my rant played even a small part, then I am content.

As this episode opens, ImaNewbie has just arrived
at the Bank of Britain to the usual seven layer
deep wall of spam as people try to jam fourteen
different commands into one speech macro.

A Little While Later...
Hearing the amazing news, that the powers-that-be
have acted to stop the multi-command macroing,
ImaNewbie pays another visit to the Bank.

Wow! This is too good to be true.
But wait a minute!
Something is happening ...
This doth not bode well!

'Toon in again next week for more mirth, mischief, mayhem, and merriment in that medieval metropolis we call Britannia!