Episode 134: Gone Hollywood - Or "Will Success Spoil ImaNewbie?". ImaNewbie has been kicking around UO for years now and in that time has gained a fair deal of fame. Will it go to his head? I mean, it happens all the time in Hollywood. Will Ima's head swell till his jester's cap doesn't fit anymore? As this episode opens we find ImaNewbie, walking down a path in search of adventure ... with one tiny (OK maybe not so tiny) difference. Read on.

"CUT!" What's up with that?

Well, Hey! If you were a big star, would you allow yourself to be killed over and over by every person, monster, or object that crossed your path. I don't think so! I mean ImaNewbie is only human after all. Be sure to 'toon in next week to see if this shocking new trend continues...

PS: ...and thanks to ImaStuntDouble on Pacific for planting the seed of an idea that resulted in this toon.