Episode 99: Postcards from Felucca. - Well last week I took a peek at the new proposed no-PvP lands of Trammel so this time it seems only fair to have a look at Felucca too. I have changed the format a bit to give you five quick peeks at what to expect in PvP Heaven :)

***WARNING*** - these images contain blatant stereotypes! It is all in fun, so don't get your shorts in a knot if you think I am taking unfair shots at the PvP fans.

Headline Felucca - OSI is planning changes to the
landscape that will give Felucca it's own special look.

Headline Felucca - OSI has indicated that some
tweaking may be necessary to the translation server
to handle the new official language of Felucca.

Headline Felucca - On the bright side, with the mass
exodus to Trammel, the availability of affordable
housing in Felucca has increased dramatically.

Headline Felucca - Changes in the basic playstyle
has created fears that the current stat-loss
provisions my inconvenience some players.

Headline Felucca - Even with the addition of the new
ARM's (Automatic Res Machines), players may
experience some delays at the healers.

So, have you decided which land is for U? ... CareBearLand or Quake/Doomsville? Either way, start stocking up on those Moonstones 'cause it's gonna be interesting, to say the least! Next week who knows what mind-boggling new things will have been announced so c'mon back!