Episode 96: Son of ImaNewbie (Part 5). This episode marks a return to the series featuring ImaNewbie and SuperNewbie, his long lost son. For a refresher on what's happening here it might be a good idea to head back to episodes #86, #87, #89 and #90. You can get to episode #86 by clicking HERE.

If you will remember the last time we saw
ImaNewbie and SuperNewbie together they
had just escaped from prison and found
themselves in a seemingly endless black void.

After wandering aimlessly for days the intrepid
pair finally emerge from the blackness into a
huge grassy plain, devoid of trees, houses, or
just about anything else for that matter.

Eventually the two make it back to Britannia and a
path on the outskirts of Britain. Here ImaNewbie
decides that he must make a painful decision.

Heeding his fathers advice SuperNewbie dons his
disguise and takes up the role of Klark Bent, mild-
mannered town cryer for the town of Minoc. But it
is not long before his role as crimefighter and
defender of justice is called upon.

Spying a damsel in distress, Klark springs into
action, rushing to the nearest carrier-pidgeon
booth to don his SuperNewbie outfit.

Hmmm, looks like Klark is going to have to work on his costume-switching routine, or at least maybe check if the carrier-pidgeon booth is occupied before disrobing. And what of ImaNewbie? Will he resume life in Britannia under a disguise? Will he throw all caution to the winds and keep his identity, defying Lord British and those who would imprison him? Will he resume his quest to win back the heart of his one true love, IrmaDufus, who at last sighting was still sequestered in the convent of the Sisters of Knoghmornuchiforyough? This and other burning questions will be answered in upcoming episodes so, Stay 'Tooned!