Episode 93: Gotta hand it to those folks at Origin. They make a cartoonists life a lot easier by coming out with a new controversy every week. This week it is the new 'Illegal Housing' thing. Anyway, read on and see how this latest change effects ol' ImaNewbie.

This episode opens with a fresh bulletin to the
citizens of Britannia from their fearless
leader, Lord British.

Meanwhile, in another part of Britannia,
ImaNewbie has just purchased a new house and
can't wait to start decorating. But wait, what
is that I see? Could it be a rock less than four
clear squares from the front of the house?
This doth not bode well!

Ack! Not allowed to furnish the house? Well, I
guess it could be worse ... or could it? Just
then there is a knock at the door!

So all you house owners out there, keep your ear to the ground. As an owner of a house on Pacific that has been there almost as long as the shard and yet is now classed as "Illegally placed, classic style" I will be very interested to hear what, if anything, OSI will do to us long-time home owners that placed houses long before their current rules, when who they SHOULD be looking to punish is the obvious, bug exploiting SOB's that have stuck up hundreds of illegal houses all over the shards. Far as I am concerned, take every illegally placed "modern style" house that has been plonked down in the last three or four months and delete them NOW! Like fur instance that piece of crap that got stuck down in an obviously illegal spot, right in front of my house. Doh, I mean like if "For Sale on Ebay" as the name on the house sign, and no furniture, and an unlocked door ain't a giveaway I don't know what is. Oops, sorry, didn't mean to get off on a rant here.