Episode 91: This episode is a departure from the storyline in episode 90 but I just couldn't resist doing one about the upcoming Ultima Renaissance. If you haven't been following the UO news, supposedly one of the things this "Renaissance" will include is new lands to finally be able to place housing. And so without further ado, I bring you "ImaNewbie and the Housing Crisis". This is a big one so let it load.

Anxious to find out what ImaDufus is talking about ImaNewbie
checks out the bulletin board nearby and finds an advertisement
for what truly sounds like an offer just too good to be true!

ImaNewbie rushes off to the Sales Office and comes upon none other than
Lord British himself pitching the new "Renaissance Villas" housing development.

A little upset by the price increase but nonetheless excited by the
prospect of owning his own new, beautiful "Villa", ImaNewbie
accompanies Lord British to the site.

Well, looks like L.B. has done it to Ima once again. Can you say "Buyer Beware"? ... I knew you could. Anyway, stay 'tooned for more on the "Renaissance" and other important issues facing the citizenry of Britannia in upcoming episodes.