Episode 73: The Conspiracy (The Verdict) - Well the evidence has been heard and the jury has deliberated. As we begin this episode, the judge has called the jury back into the courtroom to announce the verdict.

Devastated by the verdict, but nevertheless a believer in the
rule of law, ImaNewbie proceeds to the portal as ordered.
Irma cries out as her man disappears once again. He emerges
in a strange outdoor temple.

ImaNewbie begins walking, not knowing who he is, where he is
or how he got there. His memory has been wiped clean.

Having decided he must try and discover his identity, ImaNewbie proceeds down the road to where he meets three individuals and asks for directions.

Hmmmm! Could this be deja vu? Has ImaNewbie really returned to square one ... a bumbling newbie lost in a new land with danger surrounding him at every crossroads? Will Irma ever see her beloved ImaNewbie again, and if she does, will he recognise her? What new perils await our intrepid adventurer as he begins his new life anew? Stay 'tooned as next week we return with a new thrilling episode!