Episode 62: ImaNewbie is thrilled when he defeats an orc mage and finds a treasure map on the corpse. This is a big one so let it load...no peeking!

Finding he is unable to decifer the map Ima heads for town
where he finds a Cartographer more than willing to help
...for a price.

Ima coughs up the 10K and heads with the cartographer out to
find the location where the chest is buried.

Together they manage to locate and dig up the chest.
Ima is just about to open it when...

Finally, Ima opens the chest....

After a ferocious battle, ImaNewbie manages to defeat the
monsters. His heart beating rapidly with excitement he peers into
the chest to find out what amazing treasure he has unearthed...

For those of you expecting Ima to continue his quest to re-unite with his love, Irma, let me just say, it is coming... Stay 'tooned!