Episode 146: Stranger in a Strange Land (Part 1). Well, as you know if you have been reading the 'toons, both ImaNewbie and his long lost love IrmaDufus are dead. So why are you here? (*joke*) Anyway, to make a long story short, we pick up where we left of last week with the curtain about to come down on our hero for the last time. Roll the credits...

Shocked at his new strange surroundings but
happy to be alive and once again with his
beloved Irma, ImaNewbie does his best to
adapt to his new situation. Nevertheless, life
in this Brave New World is not without some
stumbles for our misplaced medieval warrior.

What madness is this? Has this all been just a dream? Is ImaNewbie condemned to spend the rest of his life as just another shmuck in our so-called "modern" society. Stay 'tooned, it ain't over yet!