Episode 133: Find a Penny, Pick it Up - All that day you'll have good luck, or at least thats how the old saying goes. As this episode opens we find ImaNewbie stooping to pick up a gold coin he has just come across on the path. Will it bring him good luck? Read on...

Argh, poor Ima seems to be surrounded on all
sides. But wait... there seems to be some
dissension among those who would do him harm.

Argghhh, I can hear it now. A flood of emails from disgruntled readers who freak every time Ima wins one. Well, damnit, ImaNewbie has been kicking around Britannia for over three years ... He's a Veteran! Have no fear, I haven't run out of new ways for Ima to bite the dust. I am just building his confidence up a little before the fall. Stay 'tooned :)