Episode 130: Santa Clause is Coming to Brit! - Well, 'tis the season for those of us who celebrate it, so it seemed only fitting to have Jolly Ol' St. Nick make an appearance. This comic is a milestone of sorts in that it is probably one of the only ImaNewbie 'toons I have ever done that Ima doesn't actually make an appearance in. Anyway, as this episode opens we join Santa, who has just landed in Britannia in preparation for delivering all those presents to good little girls and boys.

All of a sudden Santa is confronted by a red-robed individual.

So if you wake up Christmas morning and find your stockings empty and no presents under the tree, you know who to blame, hehe. Might as well, they get blamed for everything else. So Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukka or Chanuka, Kwanzaa, or whatever other festive days you might be celebrating this month.