Episode 121: The Morning After - It's the morning after the huge grand opening party and ImaNewbie returns to find the Town Square littered with the debris left by the partying hoards.

Note: For those of you who have difficulty reading
or translating the K3wL dOoD language I have
provided translations below the frame :)

No sooner does ImaNewbie get the place all tidied up, when
an inconsiderate player walks by and casually tosses a half
eaten banana onto the freshly-cleaned town square.

Translation: Doh! Why should I?
Drop dead loser...

Translation: Yeah Right! So what are
you going to do? Call the Guards?

Translation: Don't make me laugh. This is
Trammel. Your Guards cannot do squat!

Arriving Back in ImaTown with three Lizardmen in tow,
ImaNewbie and the Town Guards quickly hide causing
the monsters to seek out the next convenient target

This latest 'toon was drawn from an incident that actually happened in ImaTown, not quite as pictured but close enough :) Anyway, be sure to 'toon in next week for more in the continuing story of ImaNewbie as he struggles to keep virtue alive in that land known as Britannia.