Episode 119: Where the 'Hell' am I? - This week ImaNewbie tries to get from Trammel to the facet of Felucca. How you say? Why, by accepting the kindness of a stranger of course. And if you have been following this series by now you should know that Ima's gonna be in a whole heap of trouble. Enjoy!

P.S. for those of you who have not yet had the pleasure
of playing Diablo 2, those things Ima is messing with
are the five seals which when broken, release
noneother than old Diablo himself.

I can just hear all the GM's cheering as Diablo toasts Ima's butt, haha. Hey, Ima didn't invent "I am sorry but I cannot help you", you guys did! Anyway, 'toon in next week as we find out what misfortune befalls him next. And don't miss the update on ImaTown(below). With any luck, next weekend is gonna be the grand opening and we hope to have a ton of people out. So even if you don't play Pacific, what the hell, create a character and join in the fun. This may just be the first town opening that gets telestormed, hehe.