Episode 117: ImaNewbie the Dragon Tamer - This week ImaNewbie decides to try learning a new skill he has never tried before - animal taming. As this episode opens we find ImaNewbie at the stables in Minoc receiving training from a helpful npc.

Having mastered taming barnyard animals,
and raising his taming skill all the way to
43, ImaNewbie decides that he is now
ready to tackle something a little bigger

Well, having suffered the indignity of a
mighty dragon being asked to kill a lowly
mongbat, the dragon decides its time to
drop the charade and turn the tables.

So to all you Tamers out there, next time you tame a dragon, ask yourself ... "Is his REALLY tame, or am I gonna end up dinner!" And don't forget to 'toon in again next week as ImaNewbie continues his misadventures in this flawed world we call Britannia.