Episode 107: We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto! (Part 5) - OK, so last week Tryon finally met up with his creation ImaNewbie, but in doing so was captured by the Sisterhood and now finds himself chained, side-by-side with his alter-ego. As this episode opens Tryon decides it is time to explain his relationship to ImaNewbie.

Tryon tries desperately to get ImaNewbie to
understand the concept of his being a comic
character and not a real being, when all of a
sudden a dark-robed figure appears out of
nowhere and begins to free them of their

The mysterious robed figure runs
off, but suddenly ImaNewbie
is struck with a revelation!
He recognizes the voice ...
It can only be one person! ...

Whoa! Can it really be HER who rescued them? ImaNewbie's long lost love, IrmaDufus? And what of Tryon? Will he ever return to the real world? Will ImaNewbie abandon him to pursue Irma? 'Toon in next week for another exciting episode!