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Being new to Ultima Online, ICQ or any other online communications can be a confusing experience. The slang, abbreviations, and chatter has developed into a whole new language. What I have tried to do here is take a lot of the common (and not so common) ways of saying things that you might encounter in-game, on icq, on IRC chat, email and other internet communcations and compile it into an alphabetical reference. This list is by no means complete as new jargon is added all the time, but at least it should serve to get your head into the mindset needed to hold your head up and not constantly be typing "What does 'lol' mean?".

ACAsheron's Call - one of the other mmorpg's (see mmorpg)
ack!expressing surprise, as in Holy Cow! or Yikes!
aye"yes", old time english used by role players
afkaway from keyboard
barneylandderogatory name for Trammel, the no-pk facet in UO, see also carebearland, candyland
bbiabbe back in a bit
bblbe back later
brbbe right back
britshort for the town of Britain
brtbe right there
btwby the way
candylandderogatory name for Trammel, the no-pk facet in UO, see also carebearland, barneyland
carebearlandderogatory name for Trammel, the no-pk facet in UO, see also candyland, barneyland
charshort for character i.e. your player character
CoM, Min, SH, SL, TBthe five factions in UO, Council of Mages, Minax, Stronghold, Shadow Lords, True Britannians
cusee you later, see also cya, cyal8r
cyasee you later, see also cya, cyal8r
cyal8rsee you later, see also cu, cya
dp, dp'ddeadly poisoned, as in a dp'd kryss
EQEverquest, Sony's roleplaying game, also knows as EverCrack
felshort for the facel of Felucca
gayderogatory term usually meaning something lame as opposed to homosexual connotation
glowshort for the town of Moonglow
hallyhalberd, a long shaft bladed weapon
hailroleplayer "hello", as in Hail and Well Met
icI see i.e. I understand, see also oic
idocin danger of collapsing (relates to housing status in UO)
imo, imhoin my (humble) opinion
JoO, jOokewl dood speak for "you", as in I RoXxOr JoO, has caused occasional misinterpretation as being anti-semetic slang for people of the Jewish faith but IMHO this is not the case.
kshort for OK
k3wlcool dude speak for the word 'cool'
katkatana, a type of sword weapon
lamrlamer - a person who is or does lame or stupid things
lmaolaughing my ass off, see also lol, rofl, roflmao, rofmaopimp
lollaughing out loud, see also lmao, rofl, roflmao, rofmaopmp
mmorpgmassively multiplayer online roleplaying game, such as UO, EQ, AC, etc.
nmnever mind
npno problem
nubnewbie - used as insulting term to other players (new and old), see also nub, noobie
noobnewbie - used as insulting term to other players (new and old), see also noob, noobie
noobienewbie - used as insulting term to other players (new and old), see also nub, noob
oicOh, I see, i.e. I understand
omgOh my god!
own, ownzSimilar to RoX, as in I OwNz JoO - kewl dood speak for I beat you, I defeated you, etc.
paraparalyse, as in the paralyse spell in UO
pka person who kills other players
PvPPlayer vs Player combat
PvMPlayer vs Monster combat
sos, mibmessage in a bottle
redsmurderers, pk's
regsreagents, i.e. magical herbs used in spell casting
rezresurrect, as in 'raise from the dead'
roflrolling on floor laughing, see also lol, lmao, roflmao, roflmaopmp
roflmaorolling on floor laughing my ass off see also lol, lmao, rofl, roflmaopmp
roflmaopmprolling on floor laughing my ass off peeing my pants, see also lol,lmao, rofl, roflmao
r0x, roXxOrcool dood speak for defeat, i.e. I RoXxOr JoO (I beat/killed you)
rprefers to role player or roleplaying in general
stfushut the f*ck up, i.e. shut the heck up (polite version)
suck, suxverb, derogatory or insulting as in U SUCK, That Sux
sup (?)greeting, as in what's happening? or what are you up too? see also whassup
tramshort for the facet of Trammel in UO
trinnyshort for the town of Trinsic in UO
thx, tyshort for "thanks" or "thank you"
U or uyou, as in How R U
UOUltima Online
vetveteran or long-time player
whassup (?)greeting, as in what's happening? or what are you up too? see also sup
woot!dood speak expression kinda like "Yahoo!" or "Whoopie"
wtfwhat the f*ck? i.e. what the heck? (polite version)
Y or yshort for 'yes', also can be used for why?
*yawn*emote used to indicate boredom or don't care attitude, i.e. I am bored with what you are saying
ywYou're welcome, reply to "thx" or "ty".
?I beg your pardon?, what did you just say? (see also second definition below)
?general reply back for more info as in why? what? where? who? how? don't understand etc.
:)emotion - happy face (sideways)
:(emotion - unhappy face (sideways)
:0emotion - suprised, startled (sideways)
:/emotion - confused, unsure, just did something dumb (sideways)
;)emotion - wink (sideways)
:pemotion - sticking out tongue (sideways)
q:^)>guy with backwards baseball hat and goatee smiling (sideways)? As you can see these things can get out of hand. I would suggest sticking to the standard emotes above.

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