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Optional Retirement Savings Plan

When those stairs begin to get a little too steep. When those monsters start zapping you before you have a chance to draw your weapon. When the hair in your ears and eyebrows exceeds the length of the hair on your head. When that armour just feels like it weighs a ton. Have you put away a little nest egg? Then our new pension plan is just what you need. Here's just some of the benefits of early enrolment.

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Remember! In Tristram they don't take Master Card or Visa!

No interest paid on deposits of less than 1,000,000 gold. Interest on outstanding loan balances is calculated at 1% per week on the maximum outstanding balance. Cheaters, dupers and hackers need not apply. Not responsible for crashes or new patches. Members of legit guilds eligible for discount. Shareware players not eligible. Misuse of the card to purchase hacked weapons will result in immediate forfeiture. Benefits cease at level 50. Card NOT valid in Ultima Online. You are responsible for ALL unauthorized withdrawls on your account over 50 gold unless you have notified us of your card being lost or stolen prior to the transaction being made. Adventurers under age 18 must have the signature of legal parent or guardian in order to apply. Monthly statements mailed on request. In the event of your untimely demise failure to name a beneficiary will result in forfeiture of all funds on deposit with TryonCo. Not responsible for Tryon getting fed up with Diablo one day, absconding with all your gold and buggering off to the Grand Caymans.

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