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Tired of levelling up the hard way? ... Has trudging through miles of dungeons and caves hunting for those hard-to-find items got you down?

Well, search no more my friend! Those wizards at TryonCo have done it again. Now you can get all those attributes you've been looking for in one handy-dandy weapon we call:

"The TryonCo Bashamatic!"

Combines the attributes, stopping power, and protection of all these fine items rolled into one!

King's Sword of Haste, Dreamflange, Strange Axe of Slaughter, Royal Circlet, Stormshield, ArchAngel's Staff of Apocalypse, Wizardspike, Windforce, Messerschmidt's Reaver and Eaglehorn with an extra added bonus of Emerald Ring of Zod and Dragon's Amulet of Wizardry.

And we haven't told you the best part yet!.....It's One-Handed!

Yes folks, after you have equipped the TryonCo Bashamatic you will still have six slots left to fill with your favorite (old-fashioned) armor, shields, rings, helms and amulets.

The perfect gift for the Rogue, Sorcerer or Warrior who needs everything!

Heres the gains you'll see in your stats the
minute you put on the Bashamatic *

% Damage+680%
Added points to damage+35
Vitality +40
Chance to Hit+275%
Light Radius+10
Fire Hit Damage+12
Resist All+75% (max)


* gains to stats are maximums, actual gains may vary
**under normal use - some conditions apply

Heres how to order:

Enclose 19,999,999,995 gold in a plain brown envelope and address it to:

TryonCo "Bashamatic"
23 Ripoff Road

Order today and we will include these "three" valuable additional Diablo Accessories, ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!

The Amazing TryonCo Auto-Res - resurrects you automatically... great for people who can't get anyone to play with them.

The TryonCo Ear Replacement Kit - lifelike ear replacements attach in will know you were PK'd.

Golden Greats from Diablo - all your favorite Diablo Hits in a deluxe two volume CD Set (original artists)including:

Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery, not sold in stores, employees and friends of TryonCo not eligible, offer void where prohibited by law, California residents add 5%, must be over 18 to order, please include 1,999,999,995 gold to cover shipping and handling, limit one per household, no refunds/returns, not liable for self-inflicted injuries while using this product, do not operate under the influence of drugs or alcohol, may cause dizziness or nausea in legit players, wear safety glasses when using, keep out of direct sunlight, may contain dioxins, no animals were injured in the testing of this product ('cept a few acid spitters), shake well before using, contents may settle, contains at least 10% recycled weapons, not responsible for "duplicate item detected, destroying duplicate" messages, prolonged exposure may cause skin rash, 5% of the profits from this product goes to the 'Save the Balrogs Foundation', any resemblance to the famed 'Swiss Army Knife' is completely coincidental.

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